Volunteers are a crucial part of the Christmas Store. On the days of the store, volunteers serve across a variety of areas, in shifts of 2.5 hours. A brief orientation and training session is offered at the beginning of each shift.  Below is an overview of the store’s operations, with volunteer roles described and the role name in bold type:

When the Christmas Store begins and clients arrive, they are welcomed (parking/greeter), checked in for their appointment (client check-in), and then then treated to holiday music, decorations and refreshments.  Clients for whom English is not their primary language may receive assistance (Spanish interpretation). Free child care is provided for clients who bring their children (childcare). Volunteers then assist clients in locating the toys for the particular age group and gender of each registered child (customer service). The supplies of toys for each age group and gender are restocked throughout the store (inventory).  Once all of the client’s toy selections are confirmed (cart assistant), the cart is delivered to a “pod” for wrapping (gift wrapper). Once all the toys in the cart are wrapped and ready, volunteers assist the clients and their carts to their car (toy loader). For those who wish to help in the area that has the most need of volunteers (floater), a volunteer area will be assigned upon arrival.

For clients who miss their Christmas Store appointments, volunteers on Monday morning after the store (Monday morning elf) select and bag toys for registered children before clients arrive that afternoon for pick-up.

Due to the pace of the Christmas Store and the nature of the store’s activity, it is not suitable for children younger than 12. Children who are 12 and older may volunteer in any area with a parent or guardian immediately alongside the child at the same time in the same area. To serve without a parent or guardian immediately alongside, a child or teen must meet the minimum age requirement for that particular area.

Volunteer Shifts:

Friday, December 13, 2024

Saturday, December 14, 2024

Monday, December 16, 2024

Volunteer Registration:

The 2023 Christmas Store served 983 children from 438 local families; THANK YOU for giving your time to help!

Check back to this site on November 1, 2024, when volunteer registration will open for the 2024 store.